About Divine Book Sale.

The main aim of Divine Book Sale is to bring you a new way of seeing Gypsy Card and Tarot. You will learn the connection of Buddhism, Tarot, Christianity, Chess, and many more philosophical ideas and their connection. Although they might seem very distinctive from one another, they originated from the same source, and their aim is to find your way home from illusion to reality, to find the conscious universe, and how it relates to you. It is You.
Printing Gypsy Cards

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3 6 and 9 then you would have the key to the universe. -- Nikola Tesla

With Tarot you can find the Key, find the answer to the significance of 3 6 and 9. It contains many things, which would take many pages to write it down. The number 3 is energy (Agni), 6 frequency (ADM or Adam), 9 vibration (Eva), Love is the ultimate expression of all 3 in action.

In short, 3 is the number of the triangle pointing up, called the Fire and Air. The Three of Hearts or Three of Cups is present among Gypsy cards as the Unexpected Joy card, called te-tra, (te=they and tra=three) in other words unification of the three sacred fires, called Matrix, establishing communication between the universe and the soul.

The 6 is the Crown of the Sun, Creation, the beginning of life. The 6 links with zAsti (Sanskrit 6 and the Queen of Hearts) meaning order: Indicates a time of peace and harmony, the connecting centre of universal coherence which ties everything together and links (reflecting) everything back to the King of Hearts. It teaches the concepts and mysteries for those seeking safe passage home for those seeking stability, law, discipline, order, and structure. The 6 is associated with the crown of the Sun and a hexagon, a symbol that life itself has meaning, everything is connected, we are all one, known as sAdhAraNya (hexagon; universality, universal analogy), and sAdhAra having support, basis and foundation.

The 9, is illustrated with the House in Gypsy card, it is called ninefold (navama) in Sanskrit. It constituent triangles vary in size and shape. Together they represent the totality of the cosmos and expressing non-duality. In the middle, the PowerPoint called Bindu is the cosmic centre. It is the consciousness of the Physical Plane, Heaven or Consciousness of the Divine Mind.

Enlightenment quote:

"Being awake isn't cool. It means having to dumb down 98% of your conversations everyday, so you don't sound like a lunatic."