The Biedermeier Tarot eBook gives you a short description of how the card is affected by its position in the spread, that is, how to read Gypsy tarot in four positions. Tarot and Gypsy Cards can only be unveiled in the Sanskrit language. That is, all these cards and ancient Greek mythology were inspired by Sanskrit teachings, and only this ancient sacred language able to clear the confusion. However, since we don't have the luxury to understand this language, as the ancient speakers of this language were wiped out, we can only attempt to understand it, yet there are many mysteries that remain hidden...

Gypsy Tarot is the most popular tool to tell fortune. Each Taro tell a different story, therefore it is important to be sensitive reading and understanding the symbolism hidden within the images. This tarot contains several pictures that were originally seen as illustrations in divination games as well as playing-card, but the whole collection becomes a distinctive tradition with unique images and a format of its own.


Details of the Tarot eBook

The Biedermeier Tarot Reading is a Pdf eBook, 96 pages, A4, 8.36 MB Pdf publication. The book explaining each 32 Biedermeier Card's image origin, element, planet, star sign, meaning and reverse meaning.

Pages: 96 pages
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Format: PDF eBook.

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How do you read Biedermeier Fortune Telling Cards...



The sun's ray is light, representing the singular theme that seems to bind almost all the symbolism and life together.

The sun is representing our origin, the continuation of life, referring to constancy and time. Whilst the eye is assuring this continuation in the spiritual sphere, our inner light, consciousness, cosmic energy, balance, the "Fire of Space", "psychic energy," the powers of the human mind and heart, particularly those manifesting in love, thought, and creativity.

Constancy is time, the Sun is the personifications of time and natural order; According to Hesiod, the Horae (time) were the children of Zeus, from Sanskrit Sus and Zrut and Themis from Sanskrit Tattva, the personification of balance, justice and truth. Zeus and Themis daughters are Eunomia, (Sanskrit enA i.e. Time) Dike, (dik i.e. direction, order) and Eirene—i.e., araNI, mother, refuge, indicating the extension of their functions from nature to the events of human life. Read more>>