CHILD: The card of Child reflecting that we are not bound by chained spirit and attachment to things, which is called illusions.This card also called the card of 'adjustment' a representation of finding balance during turmoil while at the same time seeking the principles of negotiation and truth. On the second level, the Jack of Spades is a personification of mental chaos, a reminder that life is a learning experience, we are on this journey to grow. As a student, a child, you are able to learn a deeper level of satisfaction and it will bring fulfilment which cannot be found in sensual pleasures and desires.

Tarot explores the creation, the universe and how it plays out in human life. That is where the saying originated from ‘as above so is bellow’. As the universe formed, it was vital to create balance for life to exist. The same way as the Cosmos cannot have life without equilibrium, nor would you. Therefore, tarot is genesis, helping you to find balance within. For instance, the definition of the Visitor card is referring to the Sun. With the ancient method, the Phoenician system, or as you know the Phoenicians today, the Romani or Gypsy praxis reading the cards, you can find the creator within, leading to equilibrium, peace, contentment.
Why is language so important to understand tarot?
Because each letter of Sanskrit carries colour, height, width, depth, breadth, number, weight, chemistry, geometrics, and the elements are hieroglyphics writings of the Phoenicians, portrayed on each Gypsy Card and Tarot.  By knowing the complexity of the Sanskrit language, you can see more clearly the images.


Details of the Tarot eBook

Today there are so many cards to chose from and so many ways of reading them that no one can be sure which one is right, which one to chose. This Gypsy Tarot eBook is helping you to understand how the different positions of each card affect the card next to it. The Tarot Book is written according to the ancient Gypsy tradition, using the Sanskrit language to explain the original meaning of each card.

Pages: 102 pages
Download Size: 20.2  MB
Format: PDF eBook.

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