The Biedermeier Tarot was born from the so-called Biedermeier period (1812 – 1848), which marks the beginning of industrialisation and the re-discovery of ancient Greece. The admiration of Greek sculpture, Greek pottery, paintings, architecture, the foundation for Roman architecture. However, a high proportion of Greek art and other works are only known through Roman-made copies, while Roman buildings have also significantly outlived Greek structures. To know Roman art is, therefore, is to know Greek art. The Biedermeier period proceeded into Art Deco times. The Biedermeier period admiration of Greek art is superior, leading to the idea of the European Super Man.


Details of the Tarot eBook

Today there are so many cards to chose from and so many ways of reading them that no one can be sure which one is right, which one to chose. This Art Deco Tarot eBook is helping you to understand how the different positions of each card affect the card next to it. The Tarot Book is written according to the ancient Gypsy tradition, using the Sanskrit language to explain the original meaning of each card.

Pages: 146 pages
Download Size: 12.1 MB
Format: PDF eBook publication.

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Constancy is our inner light, consciousness, psychic energy, love, thought, creativity. It means that you are at your best, guided by the Tattva, better known as Themis from Greek mythology. It means balance, justice and truth, and emotional balance that will bring you success. Constancy, the manifestation of the sun, is a metaphor that makes us understand that there is only one collective mind. The Great Spirit and separation is a complete illusion. The individual is a phenomenon that appears from the universal One Force reality. Just as the sun (Agni), reflected in water, mirrored to be countless, so is the self the 'Atman' seems to be many when reflected through various minds in various bodies. Behind this world show, behind these physical phenomena, behind these names and forms, behind the feelings, thoughts, emotions, sentiments, where dwells the silent witness, the immortal friend and real well-wisher, the world-teacher, the invisible Power, the Consciousness of the Universe.

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