It is not easy to read Playing Card Guide. This ebook will introduce you to an ancient world, long forgotten, which will open your eyes to the meaning of the cards.
At first glance, these Destin Antique cards make no sense at all. However, when you dwell into the depth of playing card, you will find the connection between Antique, playing card and tarot. For example why the card of Wedding showing a man alone, reading a book. It makes no sense. Or does it? To understand this image, you have to go back to the origin of the Wedding. The Wedding in the Sanskrit language is known as merging two opposites. It is a portrayal of becoming one, fusing the opposing forces into one, eliminating the pulling force, which would lead to imbalance.
When you allow your mind to free itself, it will show you the path to a new way of seeing things. Once you understand the connection of the different teaching tools, it will be clear what the card is telling you.

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Details of the Tarot eBook

Today there are so many cards to chose from and so many ways of reading them that no one can be sure which one is right, which one to chose. This Gypsy Tarot eBook is helping you to understand how the different positions of each card affect the card next to it. The Tarot Book is written according to the ancient Gypsy tradition, using the Sanskrit language to explain the original meaning of each card.

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How do you read Gypsy Playing Cards...


The Ace of Clubs, despite the image portrayal of illness, sadness, or even death, showing safety. It speaks of deliverance and preservation from harm, with the application of higher wisdom, known as Soteria. Whilst in the corner of the image, we can see a man with one hand up and the other down, like in Rider the card of Magician, the representation of your physical manifestation, a portrayal of House, you, and your participation in the universal reality, playing out in human life. Therefore, the card is showing rebirth. The Healer is called Sattra, from the Sanskrit base word 'sat' meaning safety and salvation, deliverance, preservation from harm. Sattra signifies healing, sanctuary, knowledge. It implies new life, spiritual essence, and purpose, activating your inner growth. Sattra left in Greek mythology as Soteria, the goddess or the personified spirit of restoration to a state of safety. The other word relating to the Healer is ZaraNa (Sanskrit). ZaraNa later was transformed into Nazareth, better known by Jesus from Nazareth, and it means protection of the Universe. Therefore, the card of Healer is conveying safety and balance in the Universal Consciousness. Furthermore, Soteria implies to your teacher, your guide, and you can consciously choose the path of right actions.

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