Merriment is the ultimate reality wherein the absolute of the universe is identical with Self, the true individual self. The universe is the source of all reality, the source of all conscious thought, and the source of all perfection-bliss. It is the ultimate, the complete, the destination of spiritual pursuit. Therefore, Merriment is a spiritual contentment, uninhabited happiness, the joy of purity, the realisation of the true self, knowledge, to be able to live in the present happiness,

This Gypsy Card contain Medieval images from medieval times, designed by Divine Arc Tarot, 36 cards with poster like images relating to the current times and the social concerns. When you study the cards deeper, than the image simplicity suggested, at first sight, starting to reveal its complex secrets. These are PDF Gypsy cards, printed for you as you order. This Gypsy Card will make a valuable addition to your collection


Cards: 36 images.
Made by: ArcTarot.
Type: Full Colour Printed PDF Tarot.


The card is asking you to learn to take control, to master your emotions. To make a shift, you may have to take an inner journey. It helps to uncover the reason for the unconscious outburst of sudden anger. Doing so may imply dealing with setbacks that making you behave the way you do. It means that you may have to deal with unresolved conflicts, learning how to manage the repressed emotion of anger, work through the unfulfilled ego, and face the various defences that drive it towards an excessive emotional roller-coaster. You may also need to become acquainted with what is essential in life, such as waiting before reacting. With a calm mind, love, emotional intimacy, unconditional acceptance (and self-acceptance), and “rich” satisfying relationships, you will achieve more in life. People suffering from anger syndrome need to find ways to move on from egoistic strivings to more selfless one. It’s vital to recognise that you have a choice. It means stepping back and looking at other options open to you rather than mindlessly following cravings.

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