The Key to Tarot is a playing card combined with chess pieces, helping you to understand the oneness behind all these teaching tools. They meant to guide you toward a better life, to think before you decide on your next step, not to end up in checkmate, known as the twenty-eight Circles of Hell, in a state of Malady. Yet, if you learn how to become a child again, your mind is open and, you will master how to gain balance. Why is this fortune-telling card called Key to Tarot? The Key is inner-reflection, and you will be able to find your guide, psychic power, the Voice of the Universe, the enlightened subconscious. These are PDF Gypsy cards, printed for you as you order.

Cards: 52 images.
Made by: ArcTarot.
Type: Full Colour Printed PDF Tarot Set.

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The Visitor represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until this friend arrives. It is a symbol of beauty, love, purity, faithfulness and care. It illustrates the achievement of Trinity, spiritual powers, to see things as they are, not as we are. The purpose of the visit is to learn to master the opposing forces within. With the help of the Visitor, one can achieve harmony within, overcoming conflicts and moving forward in a positive direction, finding one's place in life.  Chess: The 6 of Hearts links with zAsti (Sanskrit 6 and the Queen of Hearts), meaning order: Indicates a time of peace and harmony, the connecting centre of universal coherence which ties everything together and links (reflecting) everything back to the King of Hearts. It teaches the concepts and the Rook's mysteries for those seeking safe passage home for those seeking stability, law, discipline, order, and structure. The Visitor in chess is the Bishop. It is associated with a hexagon, a symbol that life itself has meaning. Everything is connected, we are all one, known as sAdhAraNya (hexagon; universality, universal analogy), and sAdhAra having support, basis and foundation.

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