CHILD: Upon accepting the visitor, you become a child, seeing things from a new perspective. The child representing open possibilities, but it is also the card where you are trying out new things, therefore the requirement for constant assessment and balancing opens us to spiritual expansion. Balance also related to equilibrium, the card of justice, adjustment, a balance of opposites, internal compensation or adjustment within the whole, pending decision. The Seven of Hearts  sign is  finding balance in opposites: The Child's Advise: The picture is a reminder that life is a learning experience, we are on this journey to grow. Once you think you know everything, you close off, yet as a child, you are able to keep an open mind, because there is always something more to learn. As a student, you are able to learn a deeper level of satisfaction and it will bring fulfilment which cannot be found in sensual pleasures and desires, therefore it is promoting the pursuit of inner peace by exploring yourself, reaching a deeper insight. The card tells you to be righteous in all aspects of life, to ignore, to conquer. Only when you have an objective view of all and accept them, you will be able to find inner balance and silence. In order to make sense of the chaos, you must find perspective. Your intention through this process is to bring more clarity, stability, and simplicity into your life.

The Fire of the Sun is based on Greek Mythological characters. Each character has a secret message, which can only be translated into English with the Sanskrit language. Each card has a unique vibration, resonation of each thought, action, a step we take. The Fire of the Sun in human terms is a portrayal of life, our voyage through time and space, consciousness, and the third eye. The cards are designed to make an accurate fortune-telling tool. This Gypsy Card is taking you on a voyage, learning how to continue in your life journey. Agni is a passage, knowledge, communication between man and the universe, cosmic consciousness, it turns you around and looks inward, allowing you to find the friend and the creator within.

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